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The History of BlueHost

When carrying out this Bluehost review, we obtained our Bluehost review account straight from the Bluehost webpage. At absolutely no phase did we tell Bluehost that we were making a review, therefore we are now fairly certain that we were dealt with the same as any normal Bluehost customer.

Bluehost was started in 1996, which makes them certainly one of the oldest webhosting companies still in service. Because this company has been able to stay alive in the often cut-throat hosting business states a good deal about the excellence of solutions which they offer. A lot of smaller businesses have come and passed in the many years that Bluehost have been delivering high quality solutions for web-masters.

Understandably from a business which has been operational as long as Bluehost, their network communications is top-of-the-line. The Bluehost information center provides you with modern day quad processor servers, mirrored storage back up, UPS/diesel back up electricity generator as well as 24/7 surveillance by skilled technical employees. Web connectivity is supplied by a remarkable OC-48 backbone connection, offering more than two Gbit/second data transfer.

Bluehost Features & Cost

Recently, it is growing more and more popular for web hosting companies to simplify their product or service range and provide a single ‘one-size suits all’ website hosting program and this is the route that Bluehost has chosen with their ‘Platinum Pak’ plan. Possessing just the 1 website hosting plan to pick from does indeed help make a possible customer’s job in selecting a plan particularly simple, there is however always the possible issue that the single plan on offer is not going to offer the capabilities you would like in a web hosting service package. Luckily, the plan that Bluehost has come up with has plenty of features to suit even the most demanding buyer.

The Testing Period

Throughout our tests, the typical website server load on our website server was calculated as 1.5 or even less and we failed to encounter any website server slowdowns because of too much CPU load. Our test website continued to be fast and also responsive, even throughout high usage periods.

Control Panel

It also came as no real surprise that Bluehost, in common with many web hosting companies nowadays, supplies the industry standard cPanel for management of your website. cPanel is popular with legitimate reason, as it very simple to navigate and also offers usage of all the configuration choices you could possibly want.

Along with the standard configuration options, the Bluehost panel provides a web based file manager and also simple to use Page-Wizard, enabling fairly professional appearing web-pages to be made with a minimum of fuss. Fantastico script support is likewise offered through the panel (more details below).

Scripting Support

As described above, Bluehost provide Fantastico script support through the Bluehost panel. This enables the simple set up and also upgrade of many helpful software packages, such as packages for running a blog, community forums, content material administration systems, image galleries, online surveys and polls and more. Fantastico has developed an excellent standing among customers and by rendering it available, Bluehost has added massive value to their currently outstanding web hosting plan.

For people who choose to set up their scripts manually , Bluehost provides a big number of industry standard scripting languages, including PHP4, PHP5, PERL5, Python, Ruby/Ruby on Rails and also of-course, CGI.

Customized php.ini options are supported, as are Apache.htaccess data files and CRON jobs for performing scripts regularly.

Network Reliability

Enormous space for storage, data transfer usage and also program capabilities are useless if your selected web host provider is lacking in simple network reliability. Absolutely nothing sours an important relationship with a web host quicker than repeated downtime. Of-course, some organized downtime is not possible to avoid, for things such as network updates and upkeep, nevertheless a great web host could keep this kind of outages to a nominal amount and also give sufficient warning to their clients.

Fortunately, we are able to state that our Bluehost test website experienced outstanding stability. We only noticed 1 brief 30-minute interruption throughout our 3-month tracking time period. While we would have favored absolutely no downtime at all, the half an hour represents only a small % of the overall, and our total uptime throughout the 90 days was above the ‘magic’ 99.9% which is often quoted by other hosting providers.

Customer Support Team

Bluehost provide customers several options in terms of technical support. First of all, you will find the terrific online help-center, where one can browse or simply search a huge knowledgebase of content articles on an extensive variety of topics; this could be the most effective option to resolve any trouble. The help-center also offers the capability to open up a support ticket straight to Bluehost support team. We opened up several support tickets throughout our test time period and discovered the responses to be both fast and correct.

For people who prefer getting their tech support from a ‘real live human’, Bluehost offer a 24hr/7 day tech support telephone number. Bluehost additionally provide a different tech support number for all those customers outside the USA .


Overall, our experience with Bluehost was pleasurable and also uneventful. Their coverage turned out to be solid and dependable (with the exception of 1 small incident) and Bluehost technical support was exceptional. The offer we evaluated supplies 1500GB of space and also 15000GB of data transfer at an extremely affordable cost.

If you happen to be looking for a different web host provider, in our thoughts and opinions Bluehost requires your serious consideration.

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